More Cowbell?

Going to do something a little bit different today, going to take a look at the career of an old bandmate Drummer José Medeles. Jose has toured the world with rock star Kim Deal and The Breeders and played drums to back up the late great Joey Ramone. But La Salle native has gained almost as much fame from his second career as from his lifelong work as a performer.

Just over a decade ago, Jose abandoned the life of the touring musician. Without a job lined up, he moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Ore., for the sole purpose of being a good family man. Soon after the move, he opened Revival Drum Shop on a suggestion from his wife. They really never know who might walk through their door. Sometimes it’s members of garage bands and novices, and frequently it’s a rock star, such as Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Medeles said about the high points of his career, were touring the world with the Breeders and backing up Joey Ramone and other great artists for almost two decades. “Another highlight is working so hard that I could have my own musical freedom where I can go and start my own band like the 1939 Ensemble,” he said, mentioning his Portland-based jazz/rock band.

Jose was always one of those guys you wanted to be around he was the class clown yet down to earth. We also shared the same drum teacher  Jimmy Brown who greatly influenced our lives. It's always fun to see somebody you grew up around doing something they love successfully. Now If you would please excuse me I'm off to talk my wife into letting me buy a new drum set.

Oh and that one time they did a Ted Talk

I really dig the sound of 1939 Ensemble truly amazing.


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