Critters A New Binge Review!

Critters A New Binge
2019 | TV-MA | 8 Episodes | Horror | Shudder

Joey Morgan
Stephi Chin-Salvo
Bzhaun Rhoden

Pursued by intergalactic bounty hunters, the Critters return to Earth on a secret mission and encounter Christopher, a lovelorn high-schooler, his best friend Charlie, his crush Dana, and his mom Veronica – whose past will come back to bite them. Who will survive? And who will be eaten?

Nearly 30 years after the last installment in the franchise  Critters 4 (you know that space one) Yeah nobody remembers that one but we sure remember part 3 and its star Leonardo DiCaprio. Critters a New Binge takes place after that one leaving us to wonder did number 4 really happen?  This time those lovable Crites are back with a brand new Shudder Original Series from director Jordan Rubin (Zombeavers). Made up of eight episodes, the very first Critters TV series actually runs shorter than even the shortest film in the franchise, making for a binge event that’ll take just over an hour of your day.

First, let us talk about Joey Morgan for a second, Morgan's break out role was in A Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. This Chicago native knocks it out of the park as he is in full control and kicking ass. Of course, his charter is an overweight teen just trying to get through his day and impress the love of his life played by Stephi Chin-Salvo. Chin-Salvo is a welcomed fresh face that really helps bring this Binge worthy show to the top. We also get a few good cameos with Gilbert Gottfried and Thomas Lennon to name a few. 

Critters A New Binge try's hard to capture that early '80s fun but in some ways hurts it as well. I feel like the show tried to blend the 80s feel with a current decade style in terms of looks. What I mean by that I guess for example the green screen and space scene are fine but looking more like today's comic style of say Sharknado. And I'm ok with that, add in the goofy look of the puppets and you have pure gold! Smoother this bad boy in cheese wiz and enjoy! What the hell critics loosen up I get that you were born in the '90s and missed out on some of the greatest yet dumbest movies of all time that we happen to call Cult Classics (Toxic Advenger anyone?). This is like watching one of those movies that somebody found in their grandpa's basement that we all forgot about. Grrr, I like Critters A New Binge and you should too dam it. 

The Critters franchise has never really taken itself seriously except for perhaps the original; even then, that was marinaded with tongue-in-cheek humor about furry porcupine-like aliens. Likewise, Critters: A New Binge attempts to play up the jokes to even higher levels, highlighting its low budget and various humorous moments to make this film more of a comedy/horror hybrid than straight suspense. And the jokes are not always the best even I will admit the "Furry Ball's" joke got old and well the Matrix was a few years ago so that did not fit in. The one joke everyone is crabby about would be the reference to Avengers: Infinity War I thought was kind of cool.

Look this is silly fun and never takes itself to serious just like the '80s! It's low on gore so in many ways its an entry level kids ride as well. This it’s not going to be for everyone, but for those accustomed to New Binge’s brand of campy humor it makes for a perfectly mindless 74 minutes of cheesy comedy. Critters a new binge seems to be evenly split between “love it” and “hate it.” amongst fans this fan LOVES IT! Bring on more and here is to Dee Wallace returning to her role as the mom in the 1986 movie for SyFy movie later this year! 

4 Bloody Brains out of 5!


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