Who Farted?

Ok, so the other day no less than five articles about farting showed up on my Pinterest page. Now I have no idea why it's not like I looked up Farting or taking a dump but yet here they are. So guess what I read one of them and sure it was funny and yet I learned something.

So here are the top five things I learned about Farting.

Number One

Men fart a lot! They fart more than women! Well duh but I bet you did not know a Fart from females stink much more than male farts as females possess a higher grouping of hydrogen sulfide. Female farts are also more beneficial to smell.

Number Two

Adult people fart about 14 times a day on average which means that the air which comes out of the anus 14 times a day can fill up a balloon and Farting can go as quick as 10 feet per second

Number Three

The creatures which fart the most are termites. Others include sheep, camels, elephants, canines (especially retrievers and labs) and zebras.

Number Four

In case of a tight sphincter, your farts will be louder.

And Number Five...

The word itself was created in 1962. It means that wind comes out of the anus.

So yeah you can learn something on Pinterest. 


  1. Entertaining post, but I can't believe that the word "fart" was only invented in 1962! That seems MUCH too recent!

    1. I would not know anybody born before 1970 is an OLD FART lol


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