Halloween Countdown

Ok, I think I have my Halloween Theme's set for this years countdown to Halloween. Going to pepper in some new haunts to write about like video games and the good old world of Clowns. So here you go this is my faithful reads is you can expect for Halloween 2017!

Seems to be a ton of new Halloween specials for the kids this year so we can not wait to talk about them on Sundays.

I still love Music Mondays so why change now.

Time to look at those Halloween related video games on Tuesdays.

We have a ton of Cord Cutters out there and man I still love my Roku so on Wednesday's I will be sure to let you know what it out there for free!

How can we not talk about clowns this year?? Thanks to It clowns are back for vengeance! So we can all hold hands on Thursday together and shiver in our shoes.

Can't do this countdown without Fright Flicks Friday!

And of course, Svengoolie will always be a staple on Saturdays.

Like holy crap, October is just a few days away! I think The Man Cave is ready it is going to be another fun year around here!


  1. Can't wait!

    I notice you say you "still" love your Roku. I've been wondering if they are on their way out. So many devices can connect to the 'Net directly that I have a feeling Roku devices may be becoming obsolete.

    1. Yeah still really like my Roku I have tried Apple Tv and Chrome Cast to name a few now they collect dust. The Roku has so many channel options as well as private channels that you can add that have classic tv shows and movies. I have never tired of it yet.

  2. My Rare One and I are especially looking forward to Halloween this year. We're going to a couple of special Halloween costumed/dining/drinking events as the Double Double Toil and Trouble Sisters!

    1. woot woot can not wait to see your posts! Have a Happy October you know what Hockey starts again. Go Blackhawks.

  3. I am both excited and worried about how much writing I still have to do. Hoping I can polish off the first couple weeks this weekend as a buffer.

    1. I hear yeah I need that buffer as well. I have a few days done hoping to find time today for writing a few others.


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