Lets get Pyshco!

Ok, cord cutters let's look at some spooky treats on Crackle this month! Of course, Crackle is a free app on your phone, game systems (Xbox, Playstation) and set-top boxes like Roku or Amazon Fire.

Fist up we have some amazing sequels to watch starting with Fright Night 2 and Hellraiser 2 and those can be followed up with Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2! You can also tune into Pyshco, The Thing, Christine, Tales from the Hood and Insidious! And that is just naming a few to get your heart pumping on these cool crisp autumn days.

Of course, if TV is more your game there is some of that for you too! First up everyone's The Real Ghostbusters along with the anime Blade and Hellevator.

Not let's talk not so free TV and Hulu for just a moment...
Just added to the Channel was the much sought after Witch's Night Out!

A witch, disgruntled by the fact that no one takes Halloween seriously anymore, decides to stir things up and disrupt the social gathering in her old house as well as turn a couple of kids who love monsters into actual monsters.

This classic first aired on October 27th, 1978! This is a must watch for all Halloween fans so if you have Hulu pop up some corn and let me know what you thought. I will try to do a full review this week.

Until then enjoy some free (and not so free) Halloween entertainment. And while you are here make sure to check out the other bloggers dancing through the graveyards over at The Countdown to Halloween site.


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