A Killer Party You Won't Forget

I Was A Teenage Zombie
1987 | Color | 1 Hr 30 Minutes | Horror | R | Periclean

John Elias Michalakis

James Aviles Martin
 Steve McKoy

Michael Rubin
Steve McCoy
George Seminara

Six high school buddies accidentally kill a drug pusher and dump his body in toxic waters. When the pusher returns as a zombie and goes on a killing spree, their only recourse is to dump the body of one of their own recently dead, and have him return as a "good" zombie to face off with the "bad" one. The producer's hook for the film was to feature music by groups the likes of The Fleshtones and Los Lobos.  Source IMBD

After working on Toxic Avenger and Splatter University John Elias Michalakis steps up to the plate making his directorial debit with I was A Teenage Zombie and hits it out of the park. Taking what seems to be a good group of friends and a fun teenage romp mixing them together and getting one funny laid back movie. Using towns in his backyard of New York and New Jersey we get a nice blend of small town life with a big town flair. 

The movie starts out feeling like Porky's or Fast Times at Ridgemont High with silly high school boys checking out girls and looking for a pot to smoke and partying. The young cast is brilliant at times and never slack from their tight bond. They are also a very good looking group as you get an Animal House flounder, a nerd, a jock, a brain, and a jokester. And with great lines like this...

Nerd: I have never been with a girl before

Cute Girl in the Car: Now you're going to feel something wet and warm and goood...

You can not ask for better writing. Its to bad she had to die a super funny death. Classic stuff and the whole movie is like this even when the Zombie is out to get them.

As the plot unwinds with the river being contaminated you get a really quick news report that is a pure classic as they give out the name of the worker that died  and it was none other than Loyd Kaufman! You have to assume this is a tip of the cap for giving Michalakis his first job. Not too many will catch that reference. The pace of the story keeps movie and never looks back. They dump the drug dealer into the river he comes back as a zombie seeking revenge. After their buddy dies they dump him into the river in hopes that he comes back as a nice guy to help rid of the drug guy. That's it in a nut shell but do not let that turn you off this movie is perfect.

All tho short on blood and gore they make the best of what budget they have. You don't really get too many new kills's but the ones they do have are great. The make-up is truly on the low budget side and yet it did not take me out of the movie at all. 

Look if you grew up in the 80's going to a video store looking for that crazy horror flick for your Friday night viewing pleasure then you will dig this movie. If you are under 25 you just might hate me for this one. Also if you are looking for some silly fun with low gore and no nudity this is worth checking out I promise you will not hate me! 

Also, this soundtrack is loaded with up and coming artists that we all know and love today!! Like "I was a Teenage Zombie" by the Fleshtones, we also get Los Lobos, The Waitresses, Violent Femmes, and the Smithereens. This sound track should be on everybody's Halloween mix tape.
I wish I could find out more about this flick as the director became a monk after making this film  to live a life dedicated to repentance. That is so odd this movie rocks I would have loved to see more from him.

This is a low budget gem that deserves a clean updated Blu-Ray! Teenage Zombie is currently playing on Hulu so check it out. As I give it...

4 Bloody Brains!!


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