The night no one comes home.

Halloween 3 Season of The Witch
1982 | Color | 98 Minutes | 2.31:1 | R | Horror | Dolby | Scream Factory

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

Writer: Tommy Lee Wallace

Tom Atkins
Stacey Nelkin
Dan O'Herlihy

Silver Shamrock, a mass-producer of Halloween masks, plan to kill millions of innocent people worldwide by placing pieces of a stolen boulder from Stonehenge into small tags and attaching them to the masks. When children all over the world sit down to watch the Silver Shamrock advertisement, terror and panic will spread. Dr. Dan Challis investigates a series of bizarre and horrifying incidents that begin to unfold before Halloween evening, and he comes face to face with the sinister figure of Conal Conhran, maker of the evil masks.

Ah yes, the Halloween movie that everybody loves to hate. Well, not this guy I love watching Halloween 3 just about every year. It is a great stand-alone Halloween movie. If more people would look at it as a movie about that wonderful night maybe more people would like it.

Growing up this was one of the movies to watch on October 31st. And once that jingle is in your head your doomed for hours! I dare you to listen to it and not go slightly crazy. Now the movie does have pacing issues compared to today's standards but back in 1982 we did not have any place to go so it work. People need to slow down these days.

I have to say that this Blu-Ray looks amazing and I mean amazing. The colors explode in front of you with a nice glossy tone. The mix comes from all around tickling your ears as the song beats in your head. Come on sing it with me Happy, Happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Happy Happy Halloween Silver Shamrock.

Told ya...

Now the movie itself is a little lite on the gore but when it is there it rocks the house. Even to this day it squicks me out when the snake comes rolling out. And the ending well it's cool that not everything has to end happily. You get a great cast and fun storyline killer jingle and one heck of a soundtrack. Ok Ok, so you do not get a guy in a white mask going around killing people but come on folks if we would have liked this movie they would me making Halloween story's still to this day!

Now the bonus features are nothing to sneeze at as well. You get a cool look at the area as it is today thanks to Horror Hounds Hallowed Grounds short. A fascinating audio commentary with the director who really talks about some great key points and so on.

So make sure you do yourself a favor this Halloween season and revisit Season of the Witch just make sure it is the Blu-Ray. The movie itself may not be perfect, but this Blu is stunning! You won't be able to "Shut it Off"!

4 Bloody Brains out of 5
So tell me do you like this movie or just plain old hate it?


  1. Actually one of my favorite horror films....
    had even gotten to talk with Don Post Jr. about the film before it was released... Everyone was expecting the "Killer" in a white Captain Kirk mask....
    ... but I knew the basic story and read the paperback novelization .... Mr. Post made me promise to tell no one....
    ( I worked for Morris Costumes at the time )... and got to see the "glow" version of the 800-line Skull mask ... and he had brought with him the Pumpkin, and Witch masks (Prototypes) .... So, we 9 unlike most folks) already knew "what" to expect.... and since the familiar "Killer" was Not in the film.... They were "upset" and hated this film for that ... it is about the spirit of Samhain...... (Remember in Halloween II the "chalk board" )..... That was the part that led to this film...

    1. OH WOW that is so cool!!! I just loved watching this movie when I was younger it would be a cult classic if they would have gone with just Season of The Witch


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