He's Back!

Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers
1988 | Color | 88 Minutes | 1.85:1 | R | Horror | Stereo | Shout Factory

Source: Blu-Ray

Dwight H. Little

Dhani Lipsius

Donald Pleasence
Ellie Cornell
Danielle Harris

Ten years after his original massacre, the invalid Michael Myers awakens and returns to Haddonfield to kill his seven-year-old niece on Halloween. Can Dr. Loomis stop him?

I remember as a teen I could not wait to see a Michael Myers movie on the big screen. At the time, I remember liking part 4 for the most part but that was 1988! I also know we sold a lot of copy's when I worked for Suncoast Video  including the limited edition tin. So here I sit watching all the Halloween movies to celebrate FlashBack Weekend. Sad to say this movie, one of the most popular in the series, did not hold up for me. 

So many things felt wrong in this movie first off the mask is terrible to me its flat and expressionless. And what is up with the hair. George Wilber seems out of place as the shape. I felt like all the things that make Michael scary his with movement of the face where gone in this movie. More like a man in a mask just walking around.  And Danielle Harris got on my nerves in the worst way. I don't know why she just did. I found it fun that this was the first to use a real soundtrack and not just a score. And I won't even complain about the cult crap until part 5!

Now before you start sending me hate mail, not all the movie was a waste it does carry a fun story and, for the most part, the cast is well liked. The town has a small town atmosphere that really draws you in. You get the sense of fall in Illinois, unlike Halloween so I did enjoy that. In fact, I really like the movie until the last 20 minutes. Michaels death scene was done really well, but again Harris was there to push  you out of the moment. 

Now my biggest gripe would have to be all those damn mountains! I have lived in Illinois all of my life and I have yet to see a mountain. And in this movie they show a map in part 5 and I paused it to take a look at it I would live about 30 minutes or less from Haddonfield, in fact, would drive past it on my way to Chicago and have done so many times in my life and no mountains have ever popped up. I know I'm being a jerk so I will stop.  

So let's talk about the Blu-Ray for a moment shall we. The first 3 blow me away they look so good and will stand the test of time. Part 4 what the hell! It has so much grain and its so flat to the point of no color popping or jaw dropping cinemascope to be found anywhere. In fact, the aspect ratio was just short of full-screen junk! Not what I was looking for in a Blu, and the sound was not the best mainly filling the front speakers. And then there is this sync problem that I had no clue about! I guess Shout knew about this and offered a new disc, but I waited to long and I think I'm stuck with it. The only special feature on the disc was a trailer for the movie. Boo! I know there are a few other features on a bonus disc that I hope will make me feel better. Until then I can put this one away for a few more years.

Sorry Halloween fans but I have to give it only

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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