Last week's Hoarding up!

Sorry, I have not posted my pickups in a while so I will have to do some catching up later. But for now last week was a good week for hunting. Also did a Horror Game Swap at that was fun. Ok so here we go first up part of my order from Full Moon came in.

Yeah baby I just love these plush Blade and Torch! They are much bigger than I expected and will look great in the Man Cave! And I can not wait to dive into Evil Bong 420 once again. In fact, I can not wait until these hit BluRay. Still waiting for the book to come and I'm all set.

Did find two PlayStation 2 games for only .50 cents each that alone made it hard not to pass it up. I have yet to play them, but Motocross Mania 2 looks pretty cool. Motocross is worth only 3 dollars. And Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open rings in at $8 so not a bad haul.

Next up the only Garage Sale find of the week (Way to hot to hit sales) Murder on Flight 502. I remember watching this with my folks on tv. I must have been the movie of the week or something. So .25 cents will give me some nostalgia.

The House of the Devil, Horns, and Mama all game from Swap a DVD Horror Game. Pretty happy about all of those. So I never did pick up a VHS this week in fact only picked up one lately and will have to post that later.

Last thing I picked up was Wolfcop on DVD it was only $2 and even though I did not like the movie I figure it would make trade bait if not I will still look nice in my ever growing movie collection in the Cave!


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