Next up in the Charles Band catalog is 1977's Crash. I don't know much about this one but it looks pretty fun and your typical 70's car movie. It was also very hard to find a VHS cover so the poster and half of the cover is going to do this week.

DVD Cover?
Crash! (1977) -- Jose Ferrer is a bitter, wheelchair bound (sort of) expert in antiquities. Sue Lyon is his much younger wife. He holds her responsible for being in the wheelchair due to an auto accident. When an ancient Hittitte idol comes into their lives, they both now have the power to wreak vengeance on each other. He attacks her, she tries to get away and crashes her car. His dog attacks her, but doesn't kill her. She ends up in the hospital with amnesia, the only clue to her identity the evil idol, which she holds in a death grip.

Can the kindly nurse and hunky doctor treating her find out her identity before its too late? Meanwhile, thanks to the cursed idol, her driverless car goes on a rampage, causing accident after accident and explosion after explosion, tormenting the local sheriff's department in whatever podunk town this was filmed in (the end credits state "filmed in Los Angeles" but that's true only in the loosest possible definition of the term).

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