So Big...we had to coin a new word for it...NEWMENDOUS!

Beginning Of The End
1957 | B&W | 76 Min | 1.66:1 | Mono | Horror | AB-PT Pictures Corp.

Director: Bert I. Gordon

Fred Freiberger
Lester Gorn

Peter Graves
Peggie Castle
Morris Ankrum 

Reporter Audrey Ames is driving along a highway in Illinois when she is stopped by the military. She then finds out that a small town was destroyed and everyone has seemingly disappeared. She then goes to a lab run by the Department of Agriculture. While she is there she meets the lab's director, Dr. Ed Wainwright. Ed then tells her that strange things have been happening ever since he discovered that a bunch of grasshoppers managed to get into a silo containing a batch of radioactive wheat. They soon discover that the grasshoppers have grown to monstrous proportions and not only are devouring the local vegetation, but have developed a taste for human flesh as well. Now the locusts are marching towards Chicago and the military is threatening to destroy the city with the atom bomb. Can another solution to stop the monsters be found before it is too late? 

"This Bert I. Gordon flick, starring Peter Graves and lots of voice work by Paul Frees, is a favorite from the 50s- and we’ll give you info on the movie, along with plenty of Sven shtick. WARNING for those who like- and those who dislike- Svensurround- the beginning of the film drags severely- so, we added Svensurround to the first couple segments, until the movie really gets rolling (there may be a wee bit later on…) For those who don’t enjoy- please bear with us during those segments. remember that the bulk of this show was produced before our Me-TV run, and we do understand that some of our new audience doesn’t care for Svensurround in the body of the film.Those who DO like it- well, you’ll be happy…those with a historical bent will love seeing how Chicago was in the 1950s- and everybody will find some of the “special effects” laughable!" Said Svengoolie.

Things to watch for tonight 

During the first locust encounter with the soldiers, a scene of a soldier falling down on one knee and firing his rifle at the locusts is reused a few scenes later.

In one of the pan scenes showing Chicago is one of the windows you can see moving traffic.

During the battle for Chicago, whenever a grasshopper appears directly in front of troops, soldiers turn to their right and shoot away from it.

There are no mountains in central Illinois. I know this for a fact I live here.

The same rear projection shot is used three times; watch for a dark car passing in the opposite lane, followed shortly by a white car.

So make sure you check out this special treat tonight on Me-TV at 10 pm eastern and pacific,9 pm central, or check your local listings for time where you are!


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