Quick Hit Movie Reviews

Had a small movie marathon yesterday. I must say that if you have not checked out John Dies at the End you should! Totally twisted, off the wall well acted movie! Watch it now.

4 Bloody Brains

2 Bloody Brains
It's hard to write anything to bad about this movie. The movie has been lost for 27 years they find a VHS copy and restore it. They did a great job with that but I was not into the story. Acting was great the music was fantastic.

4 Bloody Brains

Love this movie. Sure its simple but very well done! I watched this in hopes to catch Trancers 1.5 premiere at Flashback Weekend in August. And Helen Hunt was so F'n HOT in this movie.

3 Bloody Brains
Caught this one last night on Starz. I was shocked at how much I liked it. Even my wife sat and watched she seemed to enjoy it more. Kevin James finally made a good movie. 

Today I hope to watch the New Texas Chainsaw movie if all goes well. Have a good Sunday everybody.


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