Chill and Thrill to Dracula's Curse!

Son Of Dracula
1943 | B&W | 80 Minutes | 1.37:1 | NA | Horror | Universal

Robert Siodmak

Eric Taylor

Lon Chaney Jr.
Robert Paige
Louise Allbritton

Count Alucard finds his way from Budapest to the swamps of the Deep South after meeting Katherine Caldwell, of the moneyed Caldwell clan that runs a plantation called Dark Oaks. She's obsessed with occult matters. Who better to guide her through this supernatural world than Count Alucard, whose name no one bothers to spell backwards? No one, that is, except the wily Dr. Brewster, an old family friend. He'll join Professor Lazlo, a specialist in the occult, in fighting this "Alucard" and the woman he's influenced. Or has Katherine influenced him? Meanwhile, Katherine's fiancé, Frank Stanley, will find his courage and his sanity sorely tested when he accidentally shoots Katherine to death, yet finds that she goes on living.

Ok enough about the movie lets talk about something a little more important! The Rondo Awards, this year Svengoolie had been nominated for Horror Host of the Year. And the Rondo's are more then that. Rondo was created by the fans for the fans. No incorrect politics here just us fans having fun.

There are other categories to choose from like book of the year best magazine cover and best blog to name a few. Plus the staples are there as well like best movie of the year and television production. It will take you a few minutes to vote and you do not have to vote for every category. I just ask that you vote Sven! He is in category #22 and if your not sure who to vote for best blog why not throw a vote to Terror Beyond The Dave's. I will post how I voted when the polls our closed so what are you waiting for go out and vote!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I voted for the Rondos for the first time today. Wow! There were a lot of options on that form. I probably voted in about 10 categories. Svengoolie of course received my vote. :)


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