Alyssa Milano Hot and Sweaty

Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam
1988 | Color | 45 Minutes | NR | Family/Music | Propaganda Films

Rick Elgood
Howard Woffinden

Sonny Gordon

Alyssa Milano
Tiffanie Poston
Michelle Simms

Yeah, I know Sex sells in advertising. Teen Steam with Alyssa Milano I get it! She is hot and she works out, but that's so not what they meant by Steam! What they really meant by that was the young teens renting this kidding porn found in the family aisle of your video store. Come on you mean to tell me girls rented this to work out no way! Teenage boys were getting the workout.

And this was long before the horrible Embrace of the Vampire. The best thing was this only runs 30 minutes not an hour and a half too long. Well, thanks to the power of youtube I can post the video for you to be the judge. Make sure to stop back next week for another trip down memory lane with another hot starlet from the '80's.

3 Bloody Brains just for the novelty alone.

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