Day Of The Dead and Christmas Poop

Creepy Christmas Traditions.

Christmas Dinner For Zombies
In Portugal the dead are respected at Christmas and extra places are even laid out for the dead as Christmas dinner, the plates are also filled as a gift to the dead and they believe that by welcoming these souls that their own new year will be happy and blessed.


In Greece to guard against evil spirits called Kallikantzaroi that live deep underground, some traditional families will hang a pig jaw inside the chimney to keep the evil spirits from descending into their homes.

The Caganer

Look at the traditional nativity display of homes around Catalonia, Spain and you might find a strange and somewhat out of place character in the middle of all the familiar figures. The Caganer, a statuette of a man in the act of defacation, is a controversial yet traditional piece featured in most families’ nativity scenes!

In and around Spain, a nativity display is usually set in a traditional Catalan farmhouse called masia, the scene interspersing mundane activities in the eighteenth century with events depicted in the Bible. A woman washing clothes by the river and shepherds heading toward the manger are a typical combination. The Caganer is usually in a place tucked into a corner, or hidden in the outskirts of the scene, far away from the manger where Jesus is supposed to be held.

The origins of the Caganer are lost, but most believe that the tradition started in the eighteenth century, with figures changing to modern recognizable personalities over time. It is seen as a symbol of prosperity in that it shows a figure fertilizing the earth. This tradition steeped in humor also led to an ingenious practice wherein children are asked to look for the Caganer in the nativity scene for a reward.

Mischievous as it might seem, the Caganer is one figure in Spanish nativity scenes that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Tio the Christmas Log

Traditionally the log is placed in the fireplace on Christmas morning and ordered to poop out its various treats, like nuts and dried fruit, which is pretty much the worst risk vs. reward ratio possible.

No, seriously. That's not tricky wording or overstating on our part. You beat the log until it voids its bowels, and then you pick up and cherish its fecal matter.

Here are some actual lyrics to the Tio de Nadal song. All together now!

Poop Log, poop turron
Hazelnuts and cottage cheese.
If you don't poop well,

I'll hit you with a stick,
Poop Log.


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