Psycho Santa

Here is an odd one for everybody. Last October I was looking for information on Jack Kittel's Psycho and stumbled onto a Christmas version. This is not done by Kittel in fact I can not find any info on it any where. I was able to track down the song for you listing pleasure.

And just a quick re-post for ya "We Wish You A Zombie Christmas"


  1. Well, that Psycho Santa was beyond bizarre. I don't think I've gotten over being scared by Jack Kittel's Psycho, so even hearing a similar song is creepy. The original Psycho song probably scared me more than any other song I've heard.

    I don't know if you read my Halloween post this year, but you and the Psycho song got a little shout out:
    Footsteps on the floorboards, creaks in the walls


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