Chasing The Grail

Thanks to the power of XM Radio I first heard Fozzy a few years ago. During Chris Jericho's show, he would play a tune or two. But I never really looked into it until now. When Hair Nation started playing the radio friendly "Broken Soul" I was hooked. The power pop melody's made me sit up and take notice. So I picked up the album "Chasing The Grail". Every song on this CD is hard and heavy 80's glam metal sound that I grew up on and love to this day. From the Ozzy sounding "Under Blackened Skies" to the powerful ending song "wormwood" the pounding never stops. When you need an need a pick up this CD is for you. It has never left my CD player in over a month and is the new sound of my work out.
I'm surprised by Jericho's voice for an over the top WWE superstar he sure can sing! The riffs and melody really blend well with his razor sharp vocals. So if you are in the need for a powerful ass beating the CD really fills the void!

4 Bloody Brains out of 5


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