He was eating my pot roast.

Platoon of the Dead
2009 | color | 82 min | Horror | R | Tempe Video
Director: John Bowker

Genre: Horror


Plot: In the distant future, man's greatest enemy is one another as the flesh-eating undead wages war against the living!

A Marine platoon is ambushed during a mission, leaving only three soldiers alive to fend off the growing army of the living dead. En route to their pickup point, they come across an abandoned house with three mysterious women hiding out inside. If they can make it through the night, they're home free...or so they think because someone is hiding a dark secret that may alter the course of this gore-drenched war.

Let us See what we have here:
  1. Really Bad Zombie's I could have done better makeup on Halloween.
  2. Really Really bad acting,
  3. Toy skeleton made of plastic used as a prop.
  4. The lamest Laser Blasters on the planet
  5. how many Marines have long hair let alone the leader?
  6. You're in a dire situation why the hell did you make the pot roast?
  7. Mom lets you use her house to shot your movie so you have to put her in it?
  8. What's with all the puke
  9. Dude gets eye ripped out and all he can say is ah? like it was no big deal
There is some good to this let us see
  1. Getting Drunk with your Buddy's writing a movie and the next week you make that movie!
  2. The cinema photography was the bite spot of the movie
  3. Its only 80 minutes long
  4. The pot roast really looks good
  5. Proof anybody could make a movie with a Mac Book.
  6. Great soundtrack
  7. The Idea was good.
I wonder why J.R. Bookwalter helped produce this movie? This is so bad I can't stand it, Its a great idea for a story/movie but maybe they should have pushed for Full Moon to pick this up. Yet in the same token, I watched it all the way through never really wanting to turn it off. I need to see how the train wreck was going to end. By the time it ended I did not hate it as much as I thought I would. Some day this may be on Svengoolie if that tells you anything. What I did learn from this movie was you can make a good looking movie that sounds great from the comfort of your own home. But you need to find better make-up and actors to really pull it off.

1 Bloody Brain out of 5


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