Fright-Lopedia will shock you!


An Encyclopedia of Everything Scary, Creepy, and Spine-Chilling, from Arachnids to Zombies
by Julie Winterbottom

Workman Publishing Company

Children's Nonfiction

EDITION Paperback

ISBN 9780761183792

PRICE $9.95 (USD

Number of pages 224

Publication date August 23, 2016

For all the Scary, what was that bump in the night fans this book is for you! Frightopedia is a fantastic collection that spans A-Z of some of the world's most frightening places, scariest stories, and gruesomest creatures, both real and imagined. The book starts off with everybody's favorite Acranids and works it's way through Bats, Cockroaches, Vampires, and of course Zombies. 

As a kid book that is marketed towards third through seventh graders, the "Fright Meter" comes in handing letting you know that a story with a one is not so scary but a 3 means you should read it with the lights on. It's a very nice touch considering I was reading this with a third grader and a sixth grader. 

I also loved the Horrifying How-To projects throughout the book allowing the kids to do some hands on like the simple painting a vampire bite on your neck. The artwork is both silly and fun keeping it lite hearted. 

I know my readers are huge Halloween fans so the next time you are at the bookstore flip through this book you just might find yourself taking one home with you.

I really love this book!

4 Bloody Brains

I was asked through NetGally to review this book this is my honest opinion I was not paid to do this review. 


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