Field Museum Trip

Every summer we try to make a trip up to the big city of Chicago. Man summer got away from us pretty fast! This year we headed out to the Field Museum to check out Sue.

Sadly the Museum was not as fun as my wife and remembered it to be. The girls did enjoy it but we were done pretty early. One of the coolest parts had to be the underground exploring. You shrink down to the size of bugs and walk through the earth to see life on their side or would it be underside.

IT was very cool check out my youtube video for a complete walkthrough (CLick Here) make sure to give us a thumbs up and if you like what you see subscribe I really want to put some more time into that channel.

Of course, when you live with a bunch of women you always end the trip with shopping! Ugh, yeah dad will always loose that argument. So off to a few malls if before heading home.

I did pick up some goodies for my Birthday, though....

Nothing like a few cheap video games and a great Musical Horror flick! I plan on doing a video soon of us playing Dog's Life so again subscribe to our YouTube Channel or watch this site for more info.

Hope everyone had a great summer I know it went by really fast. Sadly I'm not ready for the girls to go back to school!

Link to our Youtube Channel 


  1. I love the field museum. I used to go with my family a lot when I was a child. Did you see the mummies? Those were my favorites.

    1. Yeah!! The Mummies was a big highlight for Ella she said it was her favorite part!

  2. Replies
    1. EVERYBODY loves that shirt every time she wears it someone with say something to her. I just wonder when she gets older if I can buy her fries instead of her going on a date lol!


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