Svengoolie's new Casket

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Update on Rich's Health taken from his Facebook page.

Howdy, all! Svengoolie sends his thanks for all of the comments. I brought him a printout today so he could read them all! He also asked me to remind you that the following shows are on schedule this weekend:

Me-TV, Saturday, 10/9 Central: Dracula

In Chicago, also on WCIU, The U, Saturday @ 11am: Curse of the Werewolf

Sven is recovering nicely, and in great spirits!


  1. is he feeling better... heard he had another grabber... quick recovery i hope!!

  2. Jeremy sounds like he is doing better. Thanks for the reminder I was going to post that with the picture.

  3. That coffin is a major upgrade from the last one! I like that rubber chicken crest going on at the bottom. I'm so glad to hear that he's recovering well!


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