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Brawl with Bebop. Run with Rocksteady.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016 | Color | 1 Hr 52 Min | Action | PG-13 | Paramount 

Director:  Dave Green

Writers:  Josh Appelbaum André Nemec

Stars:  Megan Fox Will Arnett Tyler Perr

After facing Shredder, who has joined forces with mad scientist Baxter Stockman and henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady to take over the world, the Turtles must confront an even greater nemesis: the notorious Krang.
Man, I have to stop listing to the media when it comes to blockbuster movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! So was this non-stop action flick with one-liners peppered into the story better than people give it credit for? Read on followers read on!

More On 34 2017

It's that time of the year again to hit the trails looking for treasures! More on 34 was an idea conceived in Kewanee Il and has grown into a wonderful weekend event. More on 34 stretches over 100 miles on US Route 34. The event takes place every year on father’s day weekend (Friday and Saturday). This year we only had a few hours before we had to turn back but we made the best of our time.

As the story of my life goes we live smack dab in the middle so every year we have to pick a direction starting in Mendota which is 15 minutes north of us. So we started off head 20 miles over to Earlville and backtracked to Mendota. Sadly on like other years, Earlville was not very good to me. My daughter sure she found a few bits of Barbie clothes straight out of the 80's. And as we traveled through Mendota I still did not find much and I was ready to call it a day when I remembered a school was having a rummage sale. And finally, I struck gold. I found 7 PlayStation 2 games at .50 cents …

Put Your Hands Up! #TBT

I know I know 40 years ago today Star Wars came out but how many of you remember 31 years ago today when we all went outside for 15 minutes and held hands creating a human chain across America? Wait what you do not remember Hands Across America??

Hands Across America was a national event that benefited the USA for hunger and local homeless charities. At 3 PM Eastern time on May 25, 1986—30 years ago today—6.5 million people held hands in a (sort of) continuous line from coast to coast.

An estimated 7 million Americans participated in “Hands Across America” to raise money for the nation’s hungry and homeless at $10 bucks a pop just to say you were part of History. Thanks to my grandma I was part of that history! We closed down a major highway in town to join hands but I also remember how it was not one long line. I mean come on we live in the middle of farm country that is a lot of open roads.

Yet somehow we did make history it has been reported that the longest unbroken section of th…

DC Nation with Steve

On this week's DC Nation Podcast, Nico, Michael, and Steve tackle the latest episodes of Gotham, Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow as each of their seasons is coming to a close. Just a friendly reminder to all our listeners out there, we will be taking a week hiatus and thus there will not be a new episode of ATA's DC Nation until after the season finales of Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl air. We'll be doubling up on all our shows that week, thank you all for your support and for understanding!

TV Shows Reviewed on this Week’s Podcast

Gotham: Heroes Rise: S03E17 “The Primal Riddle”
Supergirl: S02E20 “City of Lost Children”
The Flash: S03E21 “Cause and Effect”
Arrow: S05E21 “Honor Thy Fathers”

Head on over to DC Nation Podcast now to listen and subscribe.

WOW! Chris Cornell

Music bid farewell to one of its most distinctive voices this week, with the tragic news on the passing of Chris Cornell.

Cornell had been on tour when he died Wednesday night at 52, emblematic  of his prolific career with Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog and on his solo work. Although I was not the biggest fan of the grunge era that Cornell and Soundgarden helped define, his death is a painful loss.

Hunger Strike from the sole album release from Cornell's short-lived band Temple of the Dog contained a duet with a fellow grunge icon, Pearl Jam's Vedder. Its sad to think Vedder is the last of the Seattle grunge scene front men. I love this song and it is by far my favorite of the era.

May you find peace Chris!

On this Day in History

On this day 1986 Run-DMC burst onto MTV with a new sound that even this hard core rock guy was into! If it was not for these guys I may have never listened to any kind of rap in the 80's you know before rap got ugly!

The hip-hop group releases its third album, which includes a collaboration with Aerosmith on a new version of the band's hit 'Walk This Way.' 'Raising Hell' will expand rap's popularity to MTV and a broader audience, selling more than 3 million copies

But for me one of my all time fav's from Run DMC has to be Mary Mary!

Lloyd Kaufman Confirmed to Star in Victor Vran's Motörhead: Through the Ages DLC

Yep, you read that right Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman will star with Lemmy in an add-on game for the upcoming Overkill Edition of Victor Vran.  "Motörhead: Through the Ages" expansions. In the latest video from developer Haemimont Games,' the focus is on Motörhead. Lloyd Kaufman took a seat with the team's CEO Gabriel Dobrem and producers Bisser Dyankov and Achim Heidelauf and talks about living up to Lemmy's legacy and making the game worthy to bear the title "Motörhead". Motörhead Legend himself, Phil Campbell, is also on hand to give a few words too.

In the real life, Lloyd and Lemmy were good friends and Lemmy made several appearances in some of Troma's classic's like Tromeo and Juliet, Citizen Toxie and Terror Firmer. Although nLloyd'syds first video game it will be nice to see him and Lemmy back together again. Check out the video for the gameplay as this looks pretty dang cool! The game comes out at the end of the month so no price ha…

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich Redesigns!

With Puppet Master The Littlest Reich in the can a new company his out to reboot The Full Moon Classic. Today at Texas Frightmare fans got their first look at the new puppets.  

“They have redesigned all the puppets. Four classic puppets are in the new film: Blade, Tunneller, Torch, and Pinhead. We had one new Puppet revealed: “The Happy Amphibian”. There are other new ones as well [that are] as yet unrevealed.

The Three-Headed Monster battles Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan for the world!

1964 | Color | 1 Hr 25 Min | Action | PG | Toho Company

Director: Ishirô Honda

Writer: Shin'ichi Sekizawa

Yôsuke Natsuki
Yuriko Hoshi Hiroshi Koizumi

A princess from a small Himalayan country becomes possessed by the spirit of a Venusian (a Martian in the American version) and escapes a plane just as it explodes. As this happens a meteorite falls from the sky containing Ghidorah, the monster responsible for her planet's destruction. At the same time, Godzilla and Rodan emerge from hibernation and not only attack Japan, but each other as well. Mothra, along with its twin priestesses, attempt to convince Godzilla and Rodan to stop their fighting each other and to team up to fight the new monster. At the same time, the princess is being hunted by a group of assassins who want to kill her so that her enemies can take over her homeland.

“Ghidrah” comes into your home tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central- and, for those unsure where and when to tune i…

Revenge of the Fifth


May the Fourth Be With You


These women are serious about their taste in men!

Cannibal Women aka Piranha Women
1989 | Color | 1 Hr 27 Min | Comedy | PG-13 | Full Moon Features
Director: J.F. Lawton

Writer: J.F. Lawton

Stars:  Shannon Tweed Bill Maher Karen M. Waldron
To avoid a serious avocado shortage, the U.S. government hires feminist anthropology professor Margo Hunt (Tweed) to find the man-eating Piranha Women tribe who inhabit the avocado jungle of Southern California.

Assisted by chauvinist Jim (Maher) and a dimwitted student named Bunny, Hunt must convince the tribe to move to Malibu condos while simultaneously fending off her rival Dr. Kurtz (Barbeau). Meanwhile, Bunny's contemplating joining the Piranha gals...but she must consume Jim first.

J.F. Lawton and best bud Bill Maher spin a welled balanced story about feminism that is widely under-appreciated. Bunny: "I've been thinking about changing my major from Home Economics to Feminist Studies, but I wasn't sure if you had any feminist cooking classes."

Munster Go Home Tonight on Svengoolie

Munsters, Go Home
1966 | Color | 96 Min | 1.85:1 | Approved | Mono | Comedy | Universal
Director: Earl Bellamy

Joe Connelly
Bob Mosher

Fred Gwynne
Yvonne De Carlo
Al Lewis

Herman discovers he's the new lord of Munster Hall in England. The family sails to Britain, where they receive a tepid welcome from Lady Effigy and Freddie Munster, who throws tantrums because he wasn't named Lord Munster. An on-board romance had blossomed between Marilyn and Roger, but on land, Marilyn discovers Roger's family holds a longstanding grudge against the Munsters. Herman upholds the family honor in an auto race; he and Grandpa also unlock "the secret of Munster Hall."

"Munsters Go Home" is on Me-TV is tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check local listings or at for info on channel and time where you are. Chicago gets a second chance to catch "Curse of the Werewolf" this morning at 11 am on their sister station, WCIU!


Night Trap 25th Anniversary

Strange things have been occurring at the Martins' residence. Five teenagers have already disappeared while saying there. Your job is to find out what is happening and assist the SCAT agents in protecting a group of teenagers who are staying there tonight by trapping anyone with hostile intentions.
Oh, my gosh by 10-year-old self is having heart palpitations! I will once again get to see my first crush Dana Plato in one of the coolest yet cheesiest and awful game ever made!
It sure caused a stir in 1992 due to its violence and possible sexual themes and was pulled from shelves temporarily due to the violence.  Night Trap was said to have been a factor that led to the creation of North America's Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB. Funnily enough, the once-controversial title is only receiving a meager "T" for "Teen" rating from the Board this time around. So does that mean the pillow fight has been taken out? Or the girl getting caught and the bloo…

Outer space was her playground

Moonie and the Spider Queen
2013 | Color | 27 Min | Sci-Fi | R | Producers Releasing Corp.

Director: Nicola Cuti

Writer: Nicola Cuti

Stars: Nikoma DeMitro Anthony Wayne William August
Moonie, the Starbabe, can live in outer space without any life support. The secret as to how she can do this is worth millions. She rides through space on her astercycle and one day accidentally crashes into the starship piloted by Perry and Torry. The two men see the fortune in Moonie but before they can bring her to Earth, she takes off in order to rescue her sister Star babes being held captive by Phobia, the Spider Queen. With the help of Perry and Torry, she frees her sisters and vanquishes the evil spider queen to a fate worse than death.
Holy crazy bat sh@t batman! I woke up early today and did not want to wake up the rest of the house so I headed down to the Man Cave and fired up the Roku to check out a new channel put out by Fred Olen Ray called Retromedia Tv. As I was perusing the catalog when…

Doritos to Release Guardians Bag with Soundtrack!

Doritos is selling chips with the Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 soundtrack installed on the bag — The A.V. Club (@TheAVClub) April 26, 2017
WHAAAT?? Not going to lie I would love one of these I have yet to find the price tag but here is the info I have come across.

The limited edition bags will be on sale at Amazon this Friday (April 28) and come with a music playerdirectly in the front of the bag that looks like an old-school cassette player.
It even comes with a headphone jack that you can plug into a music device! Here is the soundtrack from the movie which you will be able to listen to in its entirety:
“Flash Light” – Parliament“Father and Son” – Yusuf / Cat Stevens“Surrender” –Cheap Trick“Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang” – Silver“Come a Little Bit Closer” – Jay & the Americans“Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” – Looking Glass“My Sweet Lord” – George Harrison“Southern Nights” – Glen Campbell“Bring It on Home to Me” – Sam Cooke“The Chain” – Fleetw…

A Half-Human Monster Stalks The Jungle!

White Pongo
1959 | B&W | 1 HR 11 Min | Adventure | PG | Producers Releasing Corp.

Sam Newfield

Raymond L. Schrock

Richard Fraser
Maris Wrixon Lionel Royce
Suspecting that a safari guide is a wanted killer, undercover policeman Geoffrey Bishop joins a safari led by the suspect for a scientist that hopes to find and prove that a fabled white gorilla is a missing link.

Do you want to know what really is the missing link here? Well to bad I'm going to tell you....ready? How about we start with the story and then move to the acting or lack of and maybe we can talk about a good 20 minutes that could have been cut from this movie?! Read on my friends read on...

The Favorite Director Blogathon

So I just signed up for The Midnite Drive-In's Blogathon for Favorite Director. My guy would have to be Sam Raimi! After watching Evil Dead 2 my life changed I no longer wanted to watch movies but wanted to make them. I'm pretty excited to talk about a movie that I love and why I love it. So watch this space in May.

There's No Rest For The Wicked...

The Terror
1963 | Color | 1 HR 21 Min | Horror | PG | Corman Productions

Directors: Roger Corman

Leo Gordon
Jack Hill
Roger Corman

Boris Karloff Jack Nicholson Sandra Knight

France, 18th century. Lieutenant Andre Duvalier (Jack Nicholson) has been accidentally separated from his regiment. He is wandering near the coast when he sees a young woman and asks her for directions to Coldon, where he hopes to rejoin his regiment. But the woman doesn't answer, doesn't even greet him and walks away. Eventually, she takes him towards the sea, where she disappears in rough water. Andre loses consciousness while trying to follow her, and is attacked by a bird and awakes in a house where an old woman claims never to have seen the woman. 

Goodbye Erin Moran


Keep your bongs packed, this is going to be one crazy trip!

Evil Bong 666
2017 | Color | 65 Min | Comedy Horror | R | Full Moon Empire
Directed by: Charles Band
Writer: Charles Band

Stars:  Mindy Robinson Diana Prince Tonya Kay Robin Sydney
When a blood sacrifice opens a portal to Hell, Ebee is returned to Earth where Lucy Furr, the new proprietor of her weed shop, has some sinister plans of her own. Before Ebee's dreams of world domination can be satisfied she will need to employ the help of Rabbit and The Gingerdead Man. Channeling their inner Dr. Frankenstein, Ebee and Rabbit create The Gingerweed Man: a tiny, patchwork monster made from the greatest strains of weed on earth. This animated edible is ready to join the fight in Sexy Hell!

My favorite evil bitch is back for the seventh time and this time she will drag us to Sexy Hell. Or what Charles Band thinks sexy hell looks like anyway. So does the latest tale of an evil bong hell bent on world domination hold up? Read on my followers read on...

When there's no more room in Hell, the stoned shall walk the earth!

Charles Band is back at it again this year with his 7th Evil Bong movie! And as you all know I'm a huge fan of this series. Looks like we get a huge chunk of the cast back with Mindy Robinson, Robin Sydney, Jessica Morris, and of course my favorite, Sonny Carl Davis who plays rabbit! All though it looks like my all time favorite charter Larnall played by John Patrick Jordan will not be returning. I always said he would be a big star someday glad to see him get his break!
The bong is BACK, Back from hell that is! Everyone's favorite iconic and evil bong, Eebee, returns in the new, hellaciously dark comedy from Full Moon Features, and she's bringing sexy demons, stoner creatures, and something too frightening to speak of until you see the movie. When a brutal blood sacrifice opens up a portal to hell, Eebee and the Ginger Dead Man are returned to Earth. The already evil Ginger Dead Man has been driven even more insane by his recent trip to hell, and unless someone can stop …

A prehistoric beast born 50 million years out of time!

1961 | Color | 1 HR 30 Min | Sci-Fi Horror | PG | MGM
Director: Sidney W. Pink (as Sidney Pink)

Writers: Sidney W. Pink
Stars:  Bent Mejding Asbjørn Andersen Povl Wøldike
A portion of the tail of a prehistoric reptile is discovered in Denmark. It regenerates into the entire reptile, which proceeds to destroy buildings and property and generally make a nuisance of itself. It can fly, swim, and walk, and has impenetrable scales, which makes it difficult to kill.
Comedian Jonah Ray has taken over hosting duties for an all new batch of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes - a Kickstarter-funded season 11 that brings back the original ground zero snark-a-long series for the Netflix generation.
After being sucked into the "Other Side of The Moon" our three loveable host's get sent into the so-so movie from Denmark Reptilicus. As a seasoned fan, I will admit the new format is fun with just the right amount of quirky comments that fill in the backstory in the first f…

Trivia Night

So this past weekend was our annual fund raiser for the school, good old Trivia Night! We had the theme this year of sports. As always we had a blast writing the questions and getting yelled at by the people that got them wrong lol always a treat. So here is a little video I made giving you a small idea of what goes on.

Ravenwolf Towers Bonds of Blood

Ravenwolf Towers: Bonds of Blood
2017 | Color | 33 Min | Sci-Fi Horror | R | Full Moon Empire
Directed by: Charles Band

Written By: Charles Band

Shiloh Creveling
Michael Citriniti
Rosemary Brownlow

EPISODE 2: BONDS OF BLOOD: As the youthful Assistant Manager Jake falls more deeply in love with lovely Mary, the "damsel in distress" is revealed to be the ageless Matriarch of all things deadly, depraved and diabolical in the Ravenwolf Towers. As Mary and her fiendish clan work toward some secretive and bloody Grand Design, Jake, with the help of the mysterious Supernatural Investigator Ivan Ivanov, starts to uncover the nightmarish truth behind the Ravenwolf's history of horror.

In Part two of this seven-part series, Charles Band takes you deeper into his haunted hotel. This time around are main lead's fall just a little further down the rabbit hole with a hint of romance? Well, that's what they want you to think anyway.